My Projects

Windows: ScanXP; Chem4Data; UsmanPad; PassM; UsmanView; QuranXP; Usman MP3 Merger; Usman MP3 Player; ScribeXP; Usman Searcher;

Android: StreamC; Usman Reader;


Latest version: 0.1.3 - alpha (May 11, 2019)
Operating System: Windows
  • A freeware image scanning app developed in VB6 for Windows 32-bit systems.
  • TWAIN scanning with default UI or automatic (user-defined or profile mode).
  • Output image formats are PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.
  • User can select TWAIN Scanner and can create unlimited profiles based on current settings like Page Size, Image Resolution, Image Color Type, Image File Name Prefix (name or date-time), auto-save to user-defined destination folder etc.
  • Scanning area depends on the page size you selected like Maximum area, A4, A5, Business Card, ATM Card, Letter, A6, or enter custom width and height values (cm or inches) and save your custom settings to a profile to reduce scan time.
  • After scan, user can rotate scanned image (clockwise or anti-clockwise direction) and can apply the changes without affecting file size.
  • It has option to automatically open destination folder after scan process and open last scanned image at startup.
  • The development of ScanXP is in alpha phase and the final version is still not released (please see screenshot GIF image).


Latest version: 2.2.5 - (June 29, 2014)
Operating System: Windows
Download (File Size: 13.3 MB)
  • A chemical database software (developed in VB6) for Windows, with support of maximum 1 million records.
  • Database navigation by Next, Previous, First, Last buttons and search database by 8 fields.
  • Display information like Chemical Name, Molecular Weight, Equivalent Weight, Chemical Structure, IUPAC name, CAS Number, EC Number, Solubility, pH value, Specific Gravity, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Purity (Commercial), STP Summary, SMILES code, etc.
  • It has associated web links for every record and shortcut keys for fast operations.
  • Search displayed chemical on Google with shortcut key using default web browser.
  • All fields of a record are editable by a single click while you can Edit, Delete records and add New records.
  • It can sort records by ascending and descending orders.
  • It has options to save current record info as text(.txt), Word(.doc) or Excel(.xls) files and export entire database to MS Excel (.xls) file.
  • It can make quick backup of database file on computer with an automated unique name like Chem4data(date)-(time).mdb and select/open database file from backup folder.
  • User-defined database backup folder.
  • Prevention of Database file from duplicate entries.


Latest version: 0.1.14 - alpha (September 18, 2022)
Operating System: Windows
  • UsmanPad is a simple but powerful text editor, a better alternate to Windows Notepad.
  • It is a freeware utility, developed in Visual Basic 6 for Windows 32bit systems.
  • It displays the number of lines and characters present in the current file.
  • Current cursor position for row and column will be shown in statusbar.
  • For the text file, one can change the type and size of font.
  • UsmanPad displays web link as a clickable link which to be opened in default web browser. This feature also works when you start typing a URL.
  • Blank lines present in the current file can be instantly removed by a single click or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+B).
  • User can "Comment" or "Remove Comment" any line or a paragraph by a single click or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • It has "Find" and "Replace" features to search or replace text strings.
  • Options for Word Wrap and Read-Only features to Turn-ON or OFF.
  • Files can be saved as multiple formats like: txt, rtf, srt, log, htm, html, xml, py, bas, bat, cls, ini, reg, m3u, nfo and prfl.
  • Currently opened file can be viewed in its default external application like HTML file will be opened in default Web Browser. Similarly, for example; the project files of Python, Visual Basic 6 or Basic4Android (B4A) will be opened in their default IDEs.


Latest version: 0.2.8 - alpha (October 19, 2019)
Operating System: Windows
  • PassM is a freeware password manager developed in VB6 for Windows 32-bit systems.
  • Having features like View records (Next, Previous, First, Last), Edit, Save, Delete, Add new record (unlimited), Show or Hide ID & Password.
  • Bookmark any record of your choice. PassM will automatically open last accessed record on startup.
  • Backup database to a user-defined destination folder (to local HDD).
  • Password-protected Microsoft Access database file is used.
  • Start-up requires a login ID and Password to enter and access your account.
  • Last modified and last accessed date / time will be automatically added into current record of database file.
  • Only ONE user account is required for all your online accounts and local password-protected files.
  • Password-protected local files will be opened in default applications.
  • The development of PassM is in alpha phase and its first version is still not released.


Latest version: - alpha (September 04, 2017)
Operating System: Windows
  • A freeware Image Viewer developed in VB6 for Windows 32-bit systems.
  • Full support to view, edit and manipulate images.
  • Supported image formats are PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.
  • Feature-rich SlideShow and ScreenShot modules.
  • Its Image Scanning module has options like "TWAIN with or Without UI", Select Scanner, profile mode, unlimited profiles support for all image formats, page size, image resolution, image color type, image file name prefix (name or date-time) auto-save to user-defined destination folder etc.
  • Scanning area depends on the page size you selected like Maximum area, A4, A5, Business Card, ATM Card, Letter, A6, or enter custom width and height values (cm or inches) and save your custom settings to a profile to reduce scan time.
  • UsmanView is still in alpha phase and I've included only those features that are completed.


Latest version: 0.0.5 - alpha (May 16, 2019)
Operating System: Windows
  • QuranXP is a freeware Windows software, having complete Quran Majeed in text (Arabic & Urdu languages) and audio Recitation (Arabic) formats.
  • Developed in Visual Basic 6 programming language.
  • User can instantly go to any verse by using "Search" button. It is possible for both Arabic and Urdu languages.
  • Easy-to-Use navigation for any Surah.
  • Its audio player has options like Play, Pause, Volume Up / Down, Play Speed Up / Down etc.
  • It is in alpha stage, so Downloadable EXE is still not available.

Usman MP3 Merger

Latest version: 0.2.8 - alpha (December 11, 2015)
Operating System: Windows
  • USMAN MP3 Merger is a simple freeware utility to merge several audio MP3 files into a single MP3 file without losing quality.
  • It is developed in VB6 & designed for Windows 32-bit systems.
  • You can add multiple files or a single Folder to include into the merge list.
  • Having option to set destination folder for merged MP3 file.
  • Merged file will be automatically saved as format like "Merged-date-time.mp3" into the user-defined destination folder.
  • This version is still not available for download (see screenshot).

USMAN MP3 Player

Latest version: 1.6.0 - (December 07, 2005)
Operating System: Windows
Download (File Size: 2.64 MB)
  • A versatile MP3 player for Windows, developed last version about 14 years ago in VB6 but still worthy to try.
  • It has features like search & play MP3 files from HDD or external media attached, play audio CD files, encode MP3 files from an audio CD with standard output parameters (44.1 khz, 128 kbps), voice recorder (voice record from attached microphone in standard MP3 format), edit MP3 tags, cut and merge MP3 files, change playing speed of MP3 files, automatic inclusion of searched MP3 files into playlist, save current playlist as new name in m3u format, open m3u files, showing complete information (along with ID3 tags) of playing MP3 file etc.


Latest version: 0.2.2 - alpha (November 27, 2017)
Operating System: Windows
  • ScribeXP is a freeware transcription software developed in VB6 for Windows 32-bit systems.
  • It can manually convert all types of audio / video files into transcribed text.
  • It has fully featured media player and text editor to speed-up transcription process.
  • It can play local and internet hosted media files (and also YouTube / DailyMotion Videos).
  • It may be very helpful for fiverr freelancers who provide transcription services.
  • ScribeXP is in alpha development phase and its final download version is still not released.

USMAN Searcher

Latest version: 1.0 - (December 02, 2005)
Operating System: Windows
Download (File Size: 2.95 MB)
  • Search files from user-selected HDD partitions or any external media attached and perform Open, Edit, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete and file information functions. Hidden files are also included in search result.
  • Searched files list can be saved as compatible format (*.f4u) so that next time you don't have to search that file format again. Just open the list file and all searched files will be shown again.
  • Search file by entering its full name with extension (filename.ext) or wildcard search (*.ext) or select from pre-defined file formats.
  • Search any topic on internet by using six search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ask Jeeves and Lycos. The result will be shown inside the app.
  • This very first version (developed in VB6) is more than 13 years old (so it may contain bugs) but provides an alternate search feature to Windows utility.


Latest version: 1.3.108 - (June 19, 2016)
Operating System: Android 2.2 +
Download (File Size: 295 KB)
  • A freeware internet radio streaming app (developed in B4A) for Android devices. It has selected radio streams available freely over the internet.
  • The latest version contains 113 radio streams (111 radio channels + 2 news bulletins) and the list will be updated regularly.
  • StreamC is very light app (below 300 KB) and uses approx. 15 MB of RAM during streaming.
  • Only internet access permission is required in order to use it and the only requirement is an active internet connection (either 3G or WiFi).
  • Recently played radio channel or news bulletin is saved automatically and can be replayed.
  • Time elapsed display for all radio channels and news bulletins.
  • Supported devices are Android 2.2 and above.
  • Daily news bulletins from two international radio broadcasts are also included under Bookmarks section.
  • Changelog information retrieving from my official website.

USMAN Reader

Latest version: 1.0 - beta 7 (June 26, 2016)
Operating System: Android 2.2 +
Download (File Size: 156 KB)
  • A freeware TTS (Text to Speech) app, developed in B4A for android devices.
  • It uses Google's stock TTS engine for a natural English speaker's accent.
  • Having options to change the speech rate and pitch levels.
  • Ability to read text aloud from text (.txt) files or written into the large text box area either by copy-paste method or type directly into it.
  • Very helpful to correct your English pronunciation problems.
  • This is ad-free 1.0 version.